Protocol Revenue

Deposit Fees: 0%

The Gravedigger charges no fees when you stake your assets in exchange for the derivate on our platform.

Performance Fees: 10%

The Gravedigger's platform automatically auto-compounds your staked LSD assets. For providing this service, we charge a 10% performance fee on the generated interest each time your assets are auto-compounded. This fee is then directed to our protocol treasury.

The remaining 90% of the LSD interest is restaked, generating additional returns for you from that point onwards. As previously mentioned, these performance fees are redistributed as follows: 70% to the Liquidity Providers (LPs), and 20% to the NFT Collection'sDAO.

Withdrawal Fee: 0%

The Gravedigger imposes no fees when you unstake your LSD and retrieve your asset using the slow burn method (unbonding times vary between chains).

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